How to Create a Best Website Homepage to Boost Conversions

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If you have an unwelcoming homepage, it will create a bad impression among your target audience and increase the bounce rate. When people land on your site's homepage, it should lead them in the right direction instead of confusing them. To make your homepage stunning, keep it relevant to your target audience and easy to read. Below, you can learn how to design a high-converting homepage to improve your website sales, leads, and conversion rate.

1.Write a clear headline

A headline is the first thing that your visitors notice when landing on your website homepage. If your headline seems boring and fails to deliver a clear message, then you may miss conversions and visitors. When writing a headline, keep it relevant, clear, and punchy, and think about how your target audience behaves to the headline. You can also convey benefits that your audience gets from your products or your audience pain points in your headline. Also, it's recommended to use power words like 'you, your, best, powerful, etc. to increase the conversion rate.


2. Write a high-converting subheading

Your headline should be followed by a conversion-focused subheading. The subheading should be short, easy to read, and take a few seconds to read. The best practice is to write a customer-centric subheading instead of explaining your business. You should convey messages like what benefits your products or services can provide and how it's better than your competitors in order to convert your visitors into leads.


3. Write a strong CTA

A CTA is a call to action which is placed in important areas of your homepage and website in order to make visitors take certain actions like buying, subscribing, calling, etc. The CTA is mostly placed in a button and links format with contrast and bold color that stand out from other areas of your website. On the home page, you should place a CTA button after the headline and subheading, so the goal here is once your visitors read the headline and subheading they understand your business and services, so now you have to let them take certain actions. The common examples of CTA are buy now, call now, order, reserve, try, etc.


4. Showcase your clients

Displaying your premium customer's or client's logos on your homepage increases trust among your audience and triggers visitors to use your product or service. This strategy is mostly followed by B2B brands where they showcase the logos of their premium customers (companies) who already use their products. If you visit SaaS business websites like Hotjar or Sendgrid, you can notice this strategy.


5. Showcase Testimonials

Testimonials play an important role in increasing trust and conversion rate. Many brands display their customer's testimonials on their homepage and sales landing pages to convert visitors into buyers. You can collect testimonials from your top customers by contacting them through email.


6. Add Visuals

Supporting your homepage copy with visuals like pictures, illustrations, and videos improves engagement and understanding of what you're trying to sell. Always make sure your visuals are in high resolution, relevant, and storytelling to enhance conversions. Also, keep in mind that adding high-resolution images and videos increases your page size which leads to slow page speed as it affects conversions. Hence, it's suggested to compress your visuals without losing quality before uploading them to your website. And also choose a high-speed hosting service or plans like cloud hosting to improve the performance of your website.


7. Clean & minimalist design

Your website design contributes a major part in boosting online sales and leads. You should deploy the right color schemes, user-friendly navigation, and clutter-free design to grab your audience's attention. If the design is boring and intrusive, your visitors will leave your site without taking any action. Apply more white space between each section and element and also the best color schemes, to make your website or mobile app, clean and stunning


8. Feature your products or services

If you're running an ecommerce website, then showcase the product categories and your best-selling products on the homepage. If you're an agency, then you can showcase your list of services on the home page. Whatever your business will be, use the homepage to show your products and services to your target customers.


9. Display contact details

If you're a B2B business, then display the contact details like mobile number, contact email, and office address for receiving inquiries from your website visitors. You can place these details on the footer of your homepage and also across your site.


If you need your website or homepage to be high-converting, then partner with us to build an exceptional website for your business that brings more sales and customers.


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