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Make routine sales calls automatically to your thousands of customers with pre-made scripts and AI-powered Callbot that brings repeated sales, leads and enhances the productivity of your call centre team.

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How It Works?

How Does Our Intelligent Voicebot Automate Your Telemarketing Operations?

  • Integrate your existing customer data into our robust callbot system powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  • Our highly-trained callbots make automated voice calls to your thousands of pre-stored customers at the right time when they are ready to buy your products or services.

  • Your customer accepts or declines the call triggered by our callbots and responds with the self-select options.

  • Once the customer responds with a positive request, the call is immediately routed to your live call agent.

  • Then, your skilled call agent converts routed call attendants into buyers or supports them with the right resources.

Our Voicebot Features


Fully Automated Calling

Our AI-powered callbot makes routine calls automatically to all your customers with the help of predefined data stored in our powerful voicebot system.


Supports Multiple Languages

Our Voicebot supports multiple languages and helps businesses to communicate with their target audience through the language of their choice.



With the help of machine learning, our voicebot converts more call attendants into immediate buyers and assists telemarketing teams to close more sales and leads.



Our AI-enabled Voicebots trigger automated voice calls to prospects at the right minute when the chances of conversions are greater.


Multiple Business Applications

Our multi-use voicebot can be used for all major business operations such as sales, telemarketing, service, customer support, and contact centre.


Mass Calling

Our voicebot is built for mass calling and is highly scalable which means you can generate bulk calls to your large audience anytime, no matter whether it's 500, 1000, or 100,000 calls per day.


Natural Language

Highly trained Voicebots talk to your customers in a natural language and make human-like conversations without the need for human interventions.


Customizable Scripts

Communicate with your customers with predefined scripts that are customizable according to your business needs and requirements.


In-depth Data & Analytics

Our practical data, analytics, and insights help you nurture your customers better and make better business decisions that expand sales and revenue.

Why Choose Our Voicebot System?



Voice calls are triggered automatically to the prospects with the help of AI assistance and reduce the number of manual calling and promote automation.



Provides the best calling experience to the customers with personalized conversation, language, and the right context that keeps your audience engaged.

High Success Rate

Close more sales and leads with our self-improving voicebots that convert more clients with help of machine learning and customer's previous behaviours and patterns.



Our voicebot saves tons of time by generating bulk calls at any given time. This minimizes contact volume for your staff and boosts productivity among your call centre teams.



Eliminates the need for numerous call agents and staff and saves significant financial costs for your organization.



Build your Voicebot according to your various business needs with help of our fully customizable Voicebot system.

Highly Secure

Keep all your data secure with airtight security as our voicebot system is built on advanced technologies and monitored by in-house engineers throughout the day.


Fewer Call agents Needed

Unlike humans, our voicebot makes bulk calls to a mass audience and requires fewer call agents and staff to handle telemarketing operations.

Customer Journey

Entire Customer Journey

Our voicebot is designed to serve your customers throughout their buying journey, i.e, from acquiring new customers to selling products and services to retaining existing customers and providing customer support.

How You Can Use Our Voicebot System?

Sales Service

Sales & Service

Achieve monthly sales targets easily with help of our automated and conversion-optimized Voicebot system that brings news leads and repeated buyers with fully automated sales calls.



Accelerate your telesales by promoting your products to potential customers who are likely to purchase your goods or services. With our human-like voicebots, you can bring exponential sales and revenue without spending more resources.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Retain existing customers and reduce customer churn rate with our callbots that make natural conversations like humans. With our callbots, you can act immediately to your customer queries and provide the best customer experience.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Gain new leads or acquire new customers by pitching your products and services to a mass audience with our voicebot that makes bulk calls automatically to a large number of clients.

Voicebot - Examples & Scenarios


Car sale (English)

Real Estate

Car Sale (Tamil)


Car service (Tamil)

Industries We Serve



Make timely calls to your customers for bike and car services. And also sell more vehicles through automated telesales powered by our Voicebots.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Sell projects and properties quickly by promoting new residential projects to a large audience with help of our AI-powered Voicebot assistance.



Bring more admissions by promoting your courses to a large number of students over the telephone with our voice-enabled bots.



Our powerful Voicebots helps banking, insurance, loan, and non-banking financial companies to expand their customer base with automated telesales operations powered by our smart Voicebot system.



Our voicebot helps companies in the healthcare sector to serve customers and market their products over the telephone to a bulk audience without the need for many human resources.


Travel & Hospitality

Our voicebot powers travel agents, OTAs, hotel chains, airlines, and other travel companies to increase bookings and offer seamless customer support over automated voice calls that reduce pressure for live call agents.


About Smartsalez

Smartsalez is a leading software development company specialized in building innovative software and automation tools for businesses that bring digital transformation and improve work productivity.

Our cutting-edge software products help organizations of all sizes to automate, simplify, and streamline their various business operations such as sales, marketing, management, customer service, and logistics and saves significant operating costs.

Our revenue-boosting software products include an AI-powered callbot system, WhatsApp Chatbot, Omnichannel Helpdesk, and Delivery Management App which all help your business to gain new customers, retain existing customers, and expand revenue opportunities.

We also provide custom software development services for brands for their various business needs and requirements with help of our highly skilled in-house engineers and developers, in addition, we offer holistic digital marketing services to boost brand presence and acquire new customers online.

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